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    The Green Telecom is a specialist for software development in the field of telecommunications, Internet and VoIP (Voice over Internet protocol) applications. We do want not only to successfully fulfil your requests but we also want to synchronize the latest technologies, people and the different processes. We focus our activities on planning, development and management of web, VoIP, IVR - and mobile applications.

    Furthermore we specialize in service numbers, premium rate numbers, Call Centers, IVR and Audiotext. Our services are offered in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. We are also open to further cooperation.

    The Green Telecom provides design and implementation of customized software solutions. Here, the emphasis is on creation of the best solutions that can help to make your business sustainable and more successful in cooperation with you.

    Are you looking for a company which offers effective support and guidance in the implementation and support of your software projects? Are you looking for company with over 30 years of experience that stays in trend and always moves forward? Do you want to enter the world of technology prepared?

    Then contact us today

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    Green Telecom s.r.o.
    Pribinova 2
    040 01 Košice

    IČO: 46 691 693
    IČ DPH: SK2023531037


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    Antonio Leo (CEO)
    Wolfgang Deiml (CTO)

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  • Concept

    Trustworthiness is our priority.
    We listen carefully to accurately understand your concerns and to act in your interests completely. Thanks to our broad and deep knowledge, we are always familiar with the latest technologies. We know exactly which technologies are the best ones to be suitable for your individual wishes to be met.

    Sustainability is very important to us
    In our daily work, we think and act sustainably - for us and for our customers. The Green Telecom is a healthy company, which is 100 % self-financed. We are proud of our team that can continue company growing thanks to our success.

  • Free call number

    Free call number - FreeCall service numbers are free of charge for the caller. All costs are covered by recipient. Free Call numbers mean, that your company can be reached at any time at zero fees for your client.
    Of course this makes your company more customer-friendly and all your customers are keen to contact you more often. This means more possibility for sale, more feedback and at the same time you are raising your profile as company that is ready to server clients free of charge.

    How can I use Free call numbers?

    • • hotlines

    • • information services

    • • customer services

    • • online sales

    • • complaint lines

    • • promotions

    What does my company gain by using Free call numbers?

    • • You provide a service for customer free of charge

    • • All your customers can get reach you with one number only

    • • Relatively low cost solution for online support

    • • More possibilities for sale

    • • Marketing tool for starting companies, clients gains information without paying for call

    • • With claims, clients get feeling, that you are not hiding from them or making it difficult to reach you

    Please contact us to find out what are the rates for your country.

  • Landline numbers

    A landline is geographically fixed network number. The call is coming to you company no matter if the caller originates in your geographical location or abroad.
    Your company might have several location within one country, so you can provide each location with correct geographical prefix. For caller this means, he is reaching you at his location.


    • No need for creating more contracts from your provider, all will be done by us, no matter how many numbers you choose to use

    • You can be accessible from any country as well as within your country

    • Adding geographical identification via prefix, helps you gain more credibility

  • 0800/00800 numbers

    Universal International Free Call Numbers are solution for you worldwide company business. Does your company operate on international level? Do you want to be accessible for all your clients with one number?

    How can I use International Free call numbers?

    • • hotlines

    • • information services

    • • customer services

    • • online sales

    • • complaint lines

    • • promotions

    All at international level, with one number, for all clients.

    What does my company gain by using International Free call numbers?

    • You provide a service for customer free of charge

    • All your customers can get reach you with one number only

    • More possibilities for sale

    • Marketing tool for starting companies, clients gains information without paying for call

    • With claims, clients get feeling, that you are not hiding from them or making it difficult to reach you

    • All your products and services carry one common number

    • All your marketing and promotional items are unificated

    • Call is free from landline (fixline) and also from mobile numbers

  • Premium rated SMS

    Premium rated SMS is charged at a higher tarif than usual text messages. The SMS sent from the costumer to the provider can be set into different rates. These are useful when you want to sell something or you want to create a competition or voting system for your company or TV Show.

    How can I use premium rated SMS?

    • Voting lines

    • Completion entry

    • Information gathering

    • SMS chatting with privacy protection

    What does my company gain by using premium rated SMS?

    • You can offer more services connected to voting or competitions

    • Create surveys

    • Set up automated winner selection rules

    • Generate revenue from text messages

  • Premium rated numbers

    Premium-rate telephone numbers are telephone numbers for telephone calls during which certain services are provided, and for which prices higher than normal are charged. Unlike a normal call, part of the call charge is paid to the service provider, thus enabling businesses to be funded via the calls. You can select the amount for your number, you can pick from several rates.

    How can I use premium rated numbers?

    • Polling

    • Voting

    • Information line

    • TV shows - call in

    • Flirt and dating hotlines

    • Entertainment

    What does my company gain by using premium rated numbers?

    • Creating a competition or voting mechanism will gain you attention, everybody wants to vote for one’s favorite

    • Let the customers pay in simple way for provided services, all costs will go to their phone bill

    • Your numbers are accessible from fixed network as well as from mobile network

    • You can use the same number for the whole country, uniform your marketing tools

  • IVR & Audiotext

    Interactive voice response is a technology that allows a computer to interact with humans through the use of voices and tones input via keypad. Customer uses a voice menu to gain the desired information or to reach required service or correct operator. The biggest advantage of Audiotext is that the customer is getting information or service during fully automated process that can be online 24/7 and requires no real person is necessary.

    How can I use IVR & Audiotext?

    • Flirt dating hotlines

    • CRM-System

    • Different services

    • Various information

    • Entertainment

    • Message with recording – voice mailbox

    • Process of selection – the caller will get to right person to get service or information

    • Voting, opinion polls

    What does my company gain by using IVR & Audiotext?

    • 24/7 service or information accessibility

    • Quick and easy way to access information

    • Selection process for customers, less pressure on call Center

    • Easy maintenance

    • You can give more information about your new products, while giving basic information to your customer

  • Call Centrum

    If you are expecting more calls, that must be or should be answered around-the-clock or at least at time period during the day by person, you should also consider creating or using an existing Call Center. This tool can use any of our products or it can combine more product together to maximize your business.

    How can I use Call Center?

    • You can use your existing Call Center, just enhance it using new technologies

    • You can connect Call Center to free call number, providing customer your services free of charge

    • You can use Call Center to sell or promote your products

    • Supply your customers with 24/7 care

    • Help desks

    • Support desk for equipment or software

    • Live chat on your website

    What does my company gain by using Call Center?

    • By using call Center, you can decrease your costs connected to customer services, no need for fancy office

    • Calls can be answered by person or automatically

    • It gives you detail overview of all calls and all customer requests

    • Solve claims and other requests quickly and with relatively low cost

    • Train staff is more efficient in taking calls and solving request as standard sit-by employee

  • Privacy Policy

    For the security of data transmission over the Internet, we cannot assume any responsibility, especially when there is a threat of third person intervention during the data transmission by e-mail. Any use of published contacting data for advertising purposes any by third parties is strictly prohibited. The operator reserves the right to take legal actions in case of sending of unsolicited promotional or informational materials.

    If any provision or formulation of this disclaimer became or becomes invalid, the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected in their content and validity.

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